Angela Hunziker, Mother Having Kathy Thomas as our doula for the birth of our daughter has been an incredible experience. Her dedication, guidance, and support were so needed and appreciated. It was nice to have Kathy there to assist us in making decisions as she helped to prepare us for what would be one of […]

Angela Hunziker, Mother

Having Kathy Thomas as our doula for the birth of our daughter has been an incredible experience. Her dedication, guidance, and support were so needed and appreciated. It was nice to have Kathy there to assist us in making decisions as she helped to prepare us for what would be one of the most exciting days of our lives. She was a wealth of information on resources for everything from reading materials, labor positions, pain management and much more.

She came to visit with us in our home a number of times before the actual birth. On each visit, we learned new skills to help prepare us for the birthing experience, and she helped us make a birth plan that fit our needs. She answered all of our questions and gave us insight into what childbirth would be like. She helped us feel calm and confident during stressful times and it was great to have her there holding our hands.

During the labor and delivery, I appreciated her calm, confident presence as she explained to me everything that was happening and how to move through the pain, providing a voice of reason. Her medical knowledge and experience were helpful as they provided a bridge between us and the doctors, she was an advocate for my well-being. I am so grateful to have had her there to witness and take an active role in what can only be described as the most intimate and cherished moments a family can share. Beyond that, she allowed us to have the exact birth experience we were hoping for thanks to her encouragement and support to both me and my husband.

After the birth, she was there to answer all of our questions and she was truly concerned about my health as well as my baby’s health. Her warmth and compassion coupled with her professionalism gave us the confidence to navigate the way and we could not imagine having to go through the experience without her. If you’re looking for a doula that is not only highly experienced and educated but is also kind, supportive, and nurturing, I highly recommend her services to any mother in need of such an invaluable support person.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about our experience with Kathy, and I will be happy to give more details on how wonderful she is as a doula.


Angela Hunziker

Livermore, CA




Jacqueline Ponce, Mother

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to Kathleen Thomas as she was an amazing coach during my labor of my new baby Mateo. I knew there was no one else I would want by my side as she was my labor coach not only for Mateo but my other two children Adan and Sofia. Words cannot express how thankful I am that she was with me during this time.

The night before my labor started I was feeling very tired and crampy. I called Kathleen to let her know how I was feeling as during my entire pregnancy she was very involved with monitoring my blood pressure and overall health. She told me she wanted my to lay down and rest and give her a call if anything changed. I slept all night to wake to be in active labor, at the time I did not know this. I called Kathleen and she came and we made our way to the hospital. Once we arrived at the hospital we were greeted by a check-in nurse who showed me to our room for monitoring. At this point, I was so thankful to have Kathleen because I was left in my room to wait hours to be checked in on. Kathleen closely monitored my blood pressure, my baby and my contractions. As time went on my contractions got stronger and when I think back to this time I can only remember Kathleen helping me breathe and push through the pain. After a while, the nurse finally came in to check how far I was and I asked for an epidural. I was told that I was past the point of being able to have this done. Kathleen was so amazing and helped me every step of the way bringing my new baby. She believed in me and empowered me to have a natural labor and I am so thankful despite the pain that I was able to do this.

Mateo Ponce was born on 2/13/2016 at 2:33 pm

We delivered him at Northbay Regional Center in Fairfield CA

My delivery doctor was:

Camille Y. Barnes — 770 Mason St. Vacaville, CA 95688


Samuel Young MD, ABOG.

It is my great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Ms. Kathy Thomas for her labor coach certification.

I have been an attending OBGYN physician at Kaiser Hayward/Union City for over 27 years and have worked with her for 17 years. I have known Kathy since she was first hired at our Hayward/Union City location as a medical assistant in 1999. She has been my medical assistant from Nov 2008 to 2014 and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Kathy has been wonderful to work with as she is a dedicated medical assistant. In addition to being hardworking and responsible, my patients especially appreciate her caringness and kindness. She shows genuine concern for them and their well-being. No questions are too long. Kathy answers these questions with patience and in detail.

I am sure her valuable attributes will help her in her new role as a labor coach.

Please feel free to contact me at sam.young@kp.org


Samuel Young MD, ABOG.



Maria Sabado, NP-C

I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Kathy Thomas. She plans on working as a doula. Based on my having worked with her, she has the qualities of a person an expectant mother can rely on before, during, and immediately after childbirth. She has what it takes to provide the physical and emotional support to the expectant mother and to act as an advocate for the mother without interfering with medical professionals. I have known her to have the ability to establish a relationship that would make an expectant mother comfortable in asking her questions and sharing her fears and concerns, and also take an active role in creating a birth plan. In addition, she has worked in the OB-Gyn clinic for a number of years as a medical assistant.

Respectfully yours,

Maria Sabado, NP-C



Cherice Bacosa, Grateful Mother

At the request of Kathy Thomas I was asked to write a brief letter of recommendation on her behalf. I can not be brief when recommending this woman. That would be an injustice to her, and yourself. Kathy came into my life at some of the happiest and saddest times. She was the shoulder I needed for support and guidance.

In 2002 Kathy was my doctor’s medical assistant. She was there for my entire pregnancy with my oldest son. The day we found out he was to be born with congenital problems Kathy held my hand and gave me hope. She was always honest and forthcoming with her comfort. The day I met with the neonatologist Kathy was there to offer me her shoulder and hand as he read my babies results. I was 36 weeks and was told my son may not make it. It was devastating. Kathy was my eyes and ears. Often, especially with a single mother, you hear the news and shut down. You need an advocate with you, to ask questions you may have forgotten, or to ask the doctors to slow down and speak in layman’s terms as opposed to medical jargon. Kathy was this person. She was my support. I would’ve been lost without her.

In 2007 Kathy was once again my OBGYN’s medical assistant. I went to the doctors she worked for. I would not have had it any other way. She was there with me while the doctor told my husband and I that we were expecting our first child together. I already having a son, and my husband already having a daughter, this child would complete our family. At all of my pre-natal appointments, Kathy was there to answer any and all of my concerns. She was once again my advocate. Even though I had my husband there with me and this was not our “first rodeo” you forget what to ask, what to say. She held my hand again as the doctor told me at my 10-week checkup there was no heart beat within our little peanut. She held me as I cried and comforted not only myself but my husband. It was not our time to bring another little one into this world. She was gain, my strength. Reminding me to ask questions and bring up concerns.

Kathy was once again my support system as I became pregnant in late 2007. My rainbow baby. My family was expecting a little boy, the completion to our family in July of 2008. When Frankie was born my support system in the labor and delivery room consisted of my older sister, my husband, and Kathy. My husband and sister were exhausted and slept throughout the labor. Kathy stayed up, every minute walking me through the labor. This labor was different than my first. This rodeo was not the same. I didn’t have a team of neonatal doctors all around me. This child was not diagnosed with medical concerns. This birth was actually scarier, I didn’t know how to deliver “normal” at this point. Kathy advocated for me while everyone slept. She held my hand and breathed with me every bit of the way. She tried to keep me on my birth plan but respected my wishes when I changed. (I wish I would’ve listened to her, to this day that is my biggest regret, she was right, I would’ve been strong enough) Kathy is a Godsend. I honestly do not know what I would do without her in my life. When I see images and pictures of the happiest days of my life, she is in them. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you, Kathy, for the years of dedicated you have given my family and I. Every moment we call a blessing you are there. That truly means you yourself are a blessing.


Cherice Bacosa

Grateful Mother